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  • Samu Czabán

Is it possible to receive a diagnosis and treatment in such a short time?

It may seem unbelievable, but at our digital hospital, AIP Derm Skin and STD Clinic, you can receive a medical diagnosis and treatment within just a few hours! We have been operating for months, and the positive feedback we receive is no coincidence. While others have to wait for weeks, we are here for you in less than one and a half hours!

But how is this possible in such a short amount of time? Well, the answer is simple: our doctors at AIP Derm's digital clinic are more efficient and faster than ever before! Every single moment is dedicated to our patients.

📱 What's the secret? Here are the three main reasons why we can provide such fast assistance:

1️⃣ Patients take care of the administration, not the doctors! When uploading a case, our patients enter their own details and describe their problem. This way, the entire medical time is devoted to your care. There is no need for time wasted on administration.

2️⃣ Flexibility and availability - Our doctors are available at any time! We have no traditional appointment hours or queues. Our doctors can manage their own schedules, so they can assist you even during canceled appointments, lunch breaks, or after work. They are always reachable through their mobile devices.

3️⃣ Artificial Intelligence at your service - AIP Derm's software is equipped with artificial intelligence that supports our doctors' work. With AI, we can provide preliminary diagnoses, enabling our doctors to assist you more efficiently. Additionally, we offer a modern and streamlined digital environment where doctors can handle cases with just a few clicks.

Don't let long waiting times discourage you! At AIP Derm Skin and STD Clinic, you can receive the help you need within just a few hours. Trust us to restore your health as effectively as possible! 🩺💪


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