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  • Samu Czabán

Success at healthcare: AI Labs is among the world’s best

AIP Clinic, a Hungarian innovation company in the healthcare sector, is one of the finalists in the Word Summit Award (WSA) founded by the UN. The WSA awards those digital innovations every year, which have or will have a great societal impact. The finalists were chosen from the candidates of 182 UN-member states to be among the world’s best.

This year, in the category of health and well-being, the Hungarian candidate AIP Clinic, a digital dermatological clinic, developed by AIP Labs, is also one of the finalists. The digital clinic is already available for Hungarian, Slovak, and Spanish patients (internationally as AIP Clinic). The finalists were chosen from the candidates of 182 UN-member states to be among the world’s best. The companies were evaluated by 130 experts from various regions and fields.

Within three years, AIP Labs intends to provide all Hungarian doctors and nurses with a personalized AI assistant that will make their work more efficient, reduce their administrative burden, shorten waiting lists and increase the efficiency of the entire healthcare system. The first step toward this is the dermatology of the digital hospital.

The dermatological module of the digital hospital infrastructure designed by AIP is already developed and in use in some countries. The company is continuously developing their generative Ais, such as the soon to be ready woundcare panel, which, just in Hungary, provides a solution for 220.000 people who are suffering from chronic difficult-to-heal wounds. The AI-based solutions, assisting the Cardiological and the general medical and nursing practices are also in development, while working on additional medical specialties in their labs.

The vision of AIP Labs is easy: create a horizontal health system, instead of the current vertical one. In this system micro-practices have the advanced digital infrastructure to treat and diagnose a significant proportion of the most common diseases on the spot, without queues, waiting lists and nerve-wracking hospital waiting times and administration.

The jury of WSA will select the winning digital innovations of 2023 at the end of February in Hyderabad, India, which will hopefully include the two Hungarian companies.

What is the World Summit Award?

The award was founded in 2003 at the UN world summit on the information society forum, since then, it is co-financed by the European Union. Companies, organizations or individuals from any UN or UNESCO member state can apply for the award. The WSA is essentially a global community that seeks to bring together and amplify the voices, perspectives, and insights of national and corporate experts with different expertise.

Besides, the WSA pays special attention to support companies working towards the UN Sustainable Development goals, in which the healthcare digitalisation, monitored by AIP Labs could play a significant role. In addition to the awards, WSA aims to support innovation and knowledge exchange through the involvement of international experts and locally organized events.



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