Intelligence. Redefined.

We are a team of artificial intelligence pioneers building the world's leading AI engines and groundbreaking data infrastructure.

The company

We are a team of artificial intelligence pioneers building the world's leading AI engines and infrastructure.

AIP’s award-winning team has actively participated and contributed in the most prestigious conferences and journals globally, having been recognized by both public and private institutions for their pioneering contributions to the respective fields.

Our Mission

Evolve outdated and broken systems through comprehensive AI applications.

We aim to evolve a traditionally broken and backlogged system with comprehensive AI solutions to complement and optimize current clinical systems. With over 10 million health care professionals in the EU due to retire in the coming years, there is a desperately critical need for a solution that effectively addresses the diminishing expert oversight as well as the increasing need for remote treatment.

AIP is a global pioneer in being able to fully address these current and prospective issues through its proprietary Digital Hospital.

AIP Labs
Our Manifesto
At the intersection of deep technology and healthcare, there is a significant need and demand for technology companies to work with healthcare institutions in delivering and deploying solutions that will help overcome the clear challenge of having a deficit of millions of healthcare professionals over the coming years.

AIP Labs is a high-tech AI-focused R&D company focused on delivering comprehensive AI solutions for various healthcare verticals with initial deployments in dermatology and cardiology. The urgent need for comprehensive end-to-end solutions – rather than standalone applications for public or clinical use – has inspired us to encompass the entire patient and clinician journeys, beginning to end.

Through the COVID pandemic, there have been glaring deficiencies in most healthcare systems which have been exposed through the incessant build-up and backlog of patients with limited access to care. This has led to a continuously deteriorating situation with many clinicians being forced to ‘ration’ their time and resources, encumbering not only the system functionally but significantly straining the mental stability and longevity of the clinical workforce. Patients, commensurately, have been rejected by their respective constrained clinics or offered discouragingly distant appointment times, inciting a dangerous psychological reaction and rejection of addressing their medical needs.

AIP Labs has been proven to deliver a material increase in healthcare efficiency, with respect to reducing staff time and resources, as well as increasing patient flow-through and processing, both in-person and remotely. While delivering utility to both sides of the clinical process, we continue to build the necessary knowledge base required for the long-term vision and objective of increasing total clinic efficiency by up to 90% or more. While efficiency, cost, and flow-through are very important, the vision also focuses on accessibility and participation, prevention, and precise and personalized treatments.

AIP's approach is to fully develop its own proprietary technologies and products such as AIPDerm and AIPCardio. Additionally, we are also interested in collaborating with and supporting other technology companies and start-ups to provide access to our impressive AI development environment and engine, the AIP Studio. The studio currently supports all medical image type data, and additionally accommodates both 3D and structured data. Leveraging AIP Studio's comprehensive platform significantly catapults any team process and pace by streamlining several cumbersome aspects of training and development such as data gathering, cleansing, curation, annotation, testing, iteration, evaluation and others.

Our target partners and clients are the most trusted healthcare institutions in the world, whom we empower with comprehensive AI solutions and infrastructure, such as our Digital Hospital, to significantly evolve and improve the quality of their patient care, as well as the quality of their clinicians' personal and professional lives.

AI Solutions

We create end-to-end AI solutions for healthcare verticals.

Data Infrastructure

Automate your approach to data. Overhaul your whole organization and allow for easy sharing and processing of large datasets.

Learning Algorithms

Algorithms that continue to improve and become more accurate over time. Empower your team with today’s leading algorithms and infrastructure packages.

Intelligence Platforms

Platforms optimized & tested by top institutions. Process more data and leverage the best combination of algorithms.

Our platforms

Artificial Intelligence Platforms

We're building an integrated platform of software running on the AIP Engine, set to tackle the world's toughest medical problems. Our current platform solutions encompass dermatology, cardiac diagnostics and ECG analysis, and an open-ended platform where researchers can develop their own AI solutions.

Digital Dermatology Hospital

A truly novel end-to-end system that encapsulates every part of a traditional clinical process while contributing additional layers of triaging and confirmation, and that transforms the inefficient and traditional clinical process into that of the groundbreaking Digital Dermatology Hospital.AIPDerm currently offers 21 exceptional value-driving modules. Amongst these modules is a comprehensive and world-leading AI platform that accurately detects over 700 skin conditions, representing over 95% of global prevalence, which also provides valuable information and infrastructure support.

Advanced Detection For Healthier Hearts

AIPCardio was inspired by the current lack of effective solutions for long-term, continuous and remote monitoring of patient heart data. AIPLabs is in direct partnership with one of the largest Cardiovascular centers in Europe, collaborating with its various expertise-leading cardiologists, and has additional access to up to 100 cardiologists, their patients, and their significant historical and future data.AIPCardio delivers advanced functionality across three primary fronts: AI Training & Inference, Comprehensive ECG analysis, and End-to-end Data Management. AIPCardio enables hospital-quality detection, classification, and prediction of various cardiology diseases from various types of signals (e.g., ECG). Additionally, AIPCardio facilitates the collaboration between various clinicians on cases of interest and provides a cross-functional monitoring system across both hardware and software.

Advanced Wound-Care & Patient Management

The wound-care industry in Hungary is large, with 220K social security holders receiving wound care of some form. The largest private wound-care office network incurs annual costs of ~€800K and clinics have indicated that if AIP evolves the online patient management they previously shut down, it would significantly improve profitability.

Harness The Power Of Artificial Intelligence

AIPStudio delivers critical infrastructure support and reduces time and costs related to all data management efforts. AIPStudio comprehensively supports research projects, as well as enables cross-collaboration research, and significantly accelerates the development and testing of new AI products while also reducing time spent on manual tasks.AIPStudio includes a wide range of data management and AI infrastructure solutions to cover most medical specialties that go from dermatology, cardiology, and others. AIPStudio is responsible for the end-to-end process of managing and automating data efforts, including uploading, standardizing, cleaning, annotating, and labelling, as well as fully supporting machine learning (ML) model training, evaluation and deployment.

Extensive Solutions

B2B Integrations & Services

End-to-end Digital Hospital Solution
Digital Dermatology API Access & Integration
Case Management & Workflow Optimization
Customizable EMR Integration Solutions
Comprehensive Data Management Infrastructure
Private & Public Telehealth Capabilities
Full National Health Service Integration
On-site / In-house Model Deployment

The Infrastructure

Our AI platforms help medical institutions create a healthier future.

Data & Analytics

Harness Your Data

Systematically processed and curated data empowers institutions for advanced learning, querying and in-depth analysis.

Artificial Intelligence

Build AI Models

Take advantage of an array of AI modelling capabilities that will allow users to run multiple models to increase overall accuracy and performance.

Machine Learning

Deploy Smart Applications

Leverage customizable infrastructure in order to harness our technology to build and deploy your own applications.

Our Solutions

See AIP in action.

Smart, accurate, modern health service, even from your phone. AIP Labs products provide you with personalized and intelligent treatment that can prevent emerging diseases, provide more accurate diagnosis, and put you in control through its interactive features.

More convenient healthcare, with fewer doctors and reduced costs. Artificial Intelligence is the only real answer to the growing shortage of doctors worldwide and to the global challenges of healthcare.

Our partners

Powered by AIP Technology.

AIP's team and technology have been vetted and used by a world-class list of medical institutions and organizations.

We've built the first AI platform in the world to be integrated into the full social services for an entire country – Hungary – in collaboration with the most prestigious Universities and associated hospitals in the nation. AIP is extracting the full potential of the nation's leading clinical workforce by optimizing operational efficiency through integrating and consolidating its existing infrastructure with the world's first Digital Hospital.

Our Philosophy

We are Artificial Intelligence Pioneers building the new frontier of digital health.

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